Bird Kiss Smart Bird Feeder FAQ

1.When can i receive my Bird Kiis Birdfeeder?
Orders currently purchased will ship in March 2023.

2.How to recognize birds?
The AI camera will start shooting when the bird arrives, and then you can watch the video through the mobile APP, and the information in the video will prompt you what kind of bird the bird may be

3.How do I download the APP?
you could search”VicoHome” on APP Store or Google Play Store to download and install the app or open the link to download and install the App:

4.Refunds and 30-day returns
You can click on this link to view RETURN & REFUND POLICY

5.How to invite family and friends to use my camera together?
A: Open the App and select your camera on the home page. Click the share button on the home page or the "Share" in the camera settings to enter the sharing page, and then click "Invite " to generate a QR code. Your friends can now get some of the access rights by scanning the QR code in your phone.

6.How do I connect to WiFi correctly?
You can refer to the manual to connect to WiFi, or follow the detailed guidance in the APP to connect to Wi-Fi

7.Can I use it without an SD card?
Birdkiss can work normally without a SD card, and the captured videos will be stored in the cloud. Different cloud packages have different storage time and storage capacity

8.How to confirm whether it is fully charged?
After fully charged Indicator Light Status is green.

9.How long does the battery last per charge?
It takes about 8-10 hours to fully charge for the first time. We are equipped with solar charging panels, which can continue to charge the solar energy when there is sunshine.

10.How long does the battery last?
The default setting is to shoot 10s of video at a time, which can be taken about 3000 times. Assuming 15 times a day, it can be used for 6 months. But according to our tests, the birds will come very frequently, and it will last for about a week

11.Will I have to pay a monthly subsciption to use the app?
We provide free cloud storage, if you need a more advanced storage package, you can check the package price in the APP

12.Is the Bird Kiss Smart Bird Feeder waterproof?
Its waterproof is IP65, And we are equipped with a silicone cover for the grain outlet, which can keep the grain from excessive moisture when it rains.

13.Why is the picture taken by my birdkiss bird feeder not clear?
It may be that the lens of the camera is dirty by rain, juice or other sundries, please spray some alcohol on a clean cloth and wipe the lens.

14.Why is my Birdkiss Bird Feeder not charging when I plug in the solar panel?
First check whether the solar panel is under the sun, otherwise the charging socket may be loose, please check the charging socket again, and use the APP to check whether it is charged after three minutes? A "lightning" symbol will be displayed on the battery level of the device, which means it is charging normally.