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This smart bird feeder has some features that other similar bird feeders do not have. One of them is that the bird feeder can easily be removed if there are reports of impending severe weather. The temperatures for this smart bird feeder go from -5 degrees F to 120 degrees F. This is good to know with the extreme temperatures this summer. The camera is outstanding with crisp, clear pictures day and night. Yes, it has night vision. This smart birdhouse has everything needed to make this the perfect hobby for the entire family. You can even pay for an app to help identify birds, but it costs nothing to just view the birds daily. This is a fantastic bird feeder that every family should own. It is so much fun and educational.

Very cool bird feeder

Such a nice bird feeder. We have had a Blue Jay in our backyard for awhile now. To see it up close on this is absolutely amazing! Very nice quality and very easy to assemble!

Not quite squirrel proof...but cute

It looks great in my backyard and the birds enjoy it. But the squirrel keeps pulling up the roof to get at the seed.

Such a nice product

Good blue color. Smart lever system to prevent squirrels and other pests. Well made.

Fun Birding

It took awhile for me to prepare a location but assembly and set up were easy. After getting it up it has taken a few days for anyone to find it. We have several feeders but I think the heat has them staying away. We finally got a few visitors one spent all day returning like it was all his. This is fun, I didn't subscribe to services but that apparently gives more options. I have tweeked some of the settings and the alerts can be accessible but if you enjoy birds, this is fun and you will see stuff you normaly miss. This is a must have and could be a good gift for a bird lover.

Such fun!

I've been wanting one of these for a while and am thrilled to finally have one.

Setup and installation is fairly easy. It was also easy to download the app and sync the feeder to our wifi. I love that you have the choice between plugging the feeder in to recharge or using the included solar collector. We installed on a south-facing fence, and the solar has kept the device fully charged.

The seed bin has a large capacity and the landing bench is spacious. There are also prongs to attach fruit if you want.

So far our only visitors have been jays, but they're very enthusiastic about it. The camera does a good job of picking them up. We've gotten some great videos.

You can get by just fine with free software. If you pay to upgrade you get AI bird ID, more storage, and other things. We haven't bothered with it so I don't know if it's worth it.

I'm eager to see how well the camera and plastic hold up to our hot dry summers with unrelenting sun. For now, they look good.

Bird Feeder

Looks great and works well. No squirrel activity allowed.


This smart bird feeder is awesome. I love being able to see what kinds of birds are visiting.

Works okay

Works great is a camera but the notifications can get a little bit annoying sometimes, the AI is a nice feature to have but I definitely wouldn't rely on it too much. It works great is a bird feeder and I'll have never thought of feeding scrap food to the birds until I got this thing because it has nice probes to stick the fruit on and makes it a lot harder for the insects to devour it. Battery life and solar panel combination is working out great and the camera never loses power and holds up in severe weather. Recommended!

Looks great

I bought this for my mom. Love the design and look, but disappointed that they try to get you to buy a subscription to unlock all functions of the app etc.

Beautiful, and the birds love it.

The birds love it, and the squirrels hate it. Win/win!!!

Squirrels found a way to destroy it!

This feeder looked terrific but unfortunately it was not squirrel proof.

This product is a good combination of education and security. Highly recommend!

This camera offers a front row seat to mesmerizing bird visits.

Setup was super easy, and I was able connect it directly to my phone via the app.

I now can enjoy bird watching without disturbing my feathered friends.

The build is sturdier than expected also, and the night vision is a nice bonus.

This product is a good combination of education and security. Highly recommend!


Looks well made for many years of use. Can be easily filled. The ability to keep squirrels out looks very promising. Also found color choices an added plus.

Nice bird feeder with built-in hi-def camera that identifies birds and also a surveillance camera

The birdkiss bird feeder comes in many parts but assembles easily. It has a builtin high definition (up to 1080i) camera that is a motion sensor and can be hooked up to their automatic identification software to help identify birds that land on the feeder. The camera also has a "fisheye" lens so it covers a wide (almost 160-degrees) angle and can be used as a hidden surveillance camera. A 32G micro-SD card is installed in the camera. The software also has cloud storage and three tiers of paid coverage. A small solar cell on the back keeps the camera's battery charged and ready to record the action.

The top is hinged for easy loading of birdseed. However, the opening is quite large and smaller feed can spill into the front tray easily. Larger birds can also command the feeder and not allow smaller ones to approach it. Three plastic blades can be attached to the orange perches at the front for mounting fruit and other larger foods for other birds. Picture quality is satisfactory.

Overall, an ok feeder with builtin camera for bird identification and tracking.

Not squirrel proof

This is NOT squirrel proof

Beautiful smart bird feeder!

?I absolutely love this bird feeder, its was very easy to set up and connect to my Wi-Fi. I purchased a 92 pole with a guard to keep the squirrels away and the set up is perfect. I installed it in a shaded area in my back yard and ran the solar panel to the fence where it would stay charged in the sun.

The birds found it within an hour and we have had frequent visitors ever since we put it up. I have a couple of these but this one is by far my favorite. I love the way it looks, the shape and colors make it look like a tiny cottage in the trees. I think the birds like it better too.

Overall, this is a beautiful and well made smart bird feeder. I love it and so do the birds. It would also make a fabulous gift for the bird lover in your life!

Not the best buddy for birds.

This connected bird feeder has some good features:

- Easy to set-up with boost antenna for stronger signal reception. I was able to get a strong signal at 50+ feet line-of-sight from my router.
- Good battery life with included solar panel
- Decent image quality. I don't think it's 4k, but photos and videos are clear and crisp in daylight conditions
- Includes some helpful accessories like a multi-tier perch and fruit holders to attract different types of birds and keep them in frame

It also has some features that aren't so great:
- SUBSCRIPTION AI! I get why a company might want to charge for cloud storage, but to charge for AI identification - the feature that makes this feeder the most interesting - is absolutely ridiculous given there are several other connected feeders on the market that include AI identification and a host of other features in the purchase price. Without the subscription, this is simply a wildlife camera of which there are plenty that can be found much cheaper. IMO, the fact that usefulness of this devices is dependent on purchasing a monthly subscription makes it a non-starter.
- The app isn't the greatest. The UI is a little clunky and I'm pretty sure it is the exact same app white boxed for multiple connected feeders being sold under different brand names. It does not feel at all proprietary which is a huge concern of mine with regard to data collection.
- The aforementioned boost antenna - while great for the signal - is also a target for squirrels. I have found it pulled out of position multiple times now and feel it is only a matter of time before one of them decides to chew on it.
- The feeding trough is actually a little too large. This is a problem when you start attracting sparrows as they are notorious for kicking feed out of the tray. Because of the size, I've watched two sparrows kick through all the seed and completely empty the feed hopper over the course of a day - creating a mess on the ground below and burning through all my feed.

As a connected feeder, it does work. It will take photos and videos of birds, plus you'll get a month of learning about your avian visitors before you're forced to pay. In my opinion, there is a better "buddy" for your "bird" that is in the same price range, has a ton more features, is independently developed, has a pretty great AI, and has vowed to never charge a subscription fee. All things considered, I'd make that BIRD my BUDDY.

So much fun!

First, this is a well constructed device. I love that it has a solar panel - it works great. Overall, the app is great. It is simple to modify the different functions. It is also easy to share the app with others. I found the instructions to be mostly good - large color pictures, correct English - but there were a few things that took me a while to understand.
I think my favorite feature is "Bird TV." It is a live feed of the backyard and you can watch it, record from it, take pictures. The sound is great and I find it nice to have the bird noises on in the background as I go about my day.
There is some kind of cloud and other features that you can pay a monthly fee for, but I have no need.
Highly recommend.

Really cute.

Love this bird feeder & so do the birds. One of the few feeders that actually keeps the squirrels out! Adjustable perches according to weight. Holds a good amount of food too.


it's a little more hassle to set up and get going than i expected and that's why i took off a star, could be a lot more user friendly. Other than that it's fun! now that it's up and running it's fun to see what feathered friends visit.

Truly is squirrel proof

Many bird feeders claim to be squirrel proof. This one actually is. Great feeder. Thank you!

Very user friendly !!!

I like the way the the weight is regulated by using a spring system !!! So easy to adjust !!! Top shelf construction and design !!!

Smart Bird Feeder

The Bird Feeder Camera has been fun to watch on the app VicoHome. Installing it was easy, and I appreciate that it doesnt have a built-in solar panel. Note: Must be on the G-2.4 network. The nice feature of the app, the camera records a bird perched on the birdfeeder while the app identifies the bird with links to outsource resources. Its definitely worth it. It correctly identifies birds about 90% of the time. The cameras image quality is excellent, and it makes me feel like Im right there the birds and other creatures. I highly recommend this camera to anyone who enjoys nature. Its been a great investment, and Ive even named some of the birds that visit my feeder. Overall, Im really satisfied with my purchase.

I've had mine for 6-8months, I think?

Pretty easy to clean with a bottle brush. Squirrel proof. NO RUST.