Smart Bird Feeder with Camera & Solar Panel

Experience immersive bird-watching, know the bird species in your yard, get premium bird videos and pictures, say goodbye to frequent charging, and attract more species of birds with Birdkiss smart bird feeder!

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Smart Bird Feeder with Camera & Solar Panel

Smart Bird Feeder with Camera & Solar Panel

Experience the Upgraded Bird Watching

Looking for the perfect addition to your backyard? Look no further than the Birdkiss smart bird feeder with a solar panel!

Birdkiss smart bird feeder with bird seed, apples and oranges and key features of this
Birdkiss smart bird feeder with bird seed, apples and oranges and key features of this
  • Immersive Bird-watching Experience: Receive real-time notifications of bird visits, capture and record videos, and watch live broadcasts anytime, anywhere. Learn more about the visiting birds and share your bird-watching experiences with family and friends.
  • Know the Bird Species in Your Yard: Birdkiss has industry-leading bird identification technology that can identify bird species.
  • Get Premium Bird Videos and Pictures: A 1080P HD lens and 135ยฐ grand wide-angle, allows you to easily collect high-definition pictures and videos.
  • Say Goodbye to Trouble of Frequent Charging: Once the solar panel installation is complete, as long as there is sufficient sunlight, you can enjoy watching your bird friends without the trouble of frequent charging.
  • Attract More Species of Birds: The 1.25L large capacity container can store enough food for birds, Birdkiss has several fruit holders, where you can place oranges, apples, and other fruits to attract birds like American robin, Baltimore oriole, Finches, etc.

Elevate Your Bird Watching

Our smart feeder makes it easy to attract a variety of birds, right to your backyard. ๐Ÿฆœ

Easy To Mount

With our mounting bracket and bracket kit, Birdkiss can be firmly fixed on a wall, tree or standard-sized birdhouse pole with a 1"/ 2.55cm outer diameter. Pole not included in the package.

Birdkiss Smart Bird Feeders Installed on Wall, Tree, and Pole for Versatile Placement Options

Witness Bird Activity Anywhere Anytime

Automatically capture smooth and clear video of feathered bird friends, as if you were there! With the smart bird feeder's app you can easily view and share these videos with your friends and family at any time.

Capture Stunning Bird Videos with the Birdkiss Smart Bird Feeder

Never Worry About Power Supply

The smart feeder comes equipped with a high-efficiency 3W solar panel, providing a constant and reliable source of energy. For added convenience, it includes a Type-C charging cable, allowing you to charge the battery indoors on cloudy days. It also boasts a 5000mAh large-capacity battery that can power for about 20 days without charging.

Eco-Friendly Bird Feeding with Solar-Powered Birdkiss Smart Feeder Mounted on a Tree

Humanized Design for Bird Lovers

Type-C Charging Port supports DC 5V 1.5A charging and enjoy hassle-free charging and always keep your feeder powered up and ready for your feathered friends.

Type-C Charging Port Highlighted on Side of Birdkiss Smart Bird Feeder for Easy Charging

Improved Seed Outlet ensure smooth replenishment of seed to the seed pan while effectively reducing seed waste. The exclusive silicone outlet valve prevents seed leakage during the filling process. Enjoy the convenience of a hassle-free feeding experience with Birdkiss.

Silicone Outlet Valve Securely Plugs Seed Outlet of Birdkiss Smart Bird Feeder

Adjustable Smart Camera Angle can be easily adjusted to capture the perfect angle for your bird friends. The camera can be rotated up and down and the shooting angle can be adjusted according to the size of your feathered friend, making it easy to get the perfect shot.

Rotating Smart Camera on the Birdkiss Smart Bird Feeder for Optimal Viewing

Rotate the Angle of the Smart Feeder to capture the best angle based on the background, field of view, and light intensity for an optimal bird watching experience.

Adjustable Angle on the Birdkiss Smart Bird Feeder

Easy Installation and Operation

The smart bird feeder's detachable structure makes installation, maintenance, and cleaning a breeze, allowing you to spend less time on upkeep and more time enjoying the birds. You'll appreciate the ease and convenience of this feeder's design.

Specs & Package Includes

Package Includes

1. Smart Bird Feeder with Camera *1
2. Mounting Bracket Kit *1
3. External Antenna *1
4. 3W Solar Panel Kit*1
5. Fruit Holder *3
6. Silicone Cup for Pouring Seed *1
7. User Manual and Quick Start Guide *1

Smart Bird Feeder

Content Specs

Feeder Dimensions

13.89"L x 12.28"W x 7.72"H

Seed Capacity

1.25L Large Capacity

Package Weight

5.2 pounds

Main Materials

Recyclable ABS Plastic and Hardware


1 Year



Smart Camera

Content Specs


1920 x 1080P

Field of View

Vertical: 85° Horizontal:135°


2.4GHz Wi-Fi (Not Supoort 5GHz)

Micro SD Card

Up to 128GB (Not included)


Type C Charging (DC 5V 1.5A)

Battery Capacity

5000 mAh Rechargeable Battery

Working Temperature

14°F to 113°F